User Interface Design in Video Games: Lessons for Modern Productivity and Remote Collaboration Tools

  • 🕹 What is UI (user interface) and why does it matter?
  • 👾 How to tell a great UI design from a bad one?
  • 🎰 What makes UI design in games so compelling?
  • ⚡ Why should productivity tools learn UI design from games?
  • 🔥 How can user engagement, aesthetics and usability affect productivity?

What’s UI (User Interface) and Why Does It Matter? 🎮

  1. 🔥 What aspects of UI design make games so compelling?
  2. 💡 What can software developers learn from them?
  3. 📥 Is it possible to implement those attributes in productivity tools?

Games With Great User Interface 🏅

Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) by Rockstar Games 🐴

  • ▶️ It’s contextual and changes depending on players’ actions
  • 🔡 Can be scaled up, down or turned off completely
  • 🔤 Has color-coded dialogue lines for different characters
  • ℹ️ Includes accessibility features for players with color blindness
  • 🎦 Matches the visual flavor of the period (textures, color palette)

Dead Space (2008) by EA Redwood Shores 🚀

How Can Game Design Make Productivity Tools Better? ⚡️

1. User Engagement ⭐️

2. Usability 🎮

  1. 📚 Learnability. The learning curve for basic user actions
  2. 🏃‍♀️ Efficiency. Repeatability of the basic actions
  3. 🧠 Memorability. Relearning basic actions for returning users
  4. ❌ Errors. The type and magnitude of user errors
  5. 🍪 Satisfaction. Gratification for user actions

3. Aesthetics 👾

  1. 👁 Visual appeal. Minimalist, responsive and consistent
  2. ❤️ Immersion. Engaging but not getting in the way of the gameplay
  3. 🛠 Customization. Offering a limited amount of customization
  1. ⭐️ Too much customization can distract users and break the immersion
  2. ⭐️ Focusing only on the visual appeal can undercut core functionality
  3. ⭐️ Immersion (functionality) should work in tandem with visual appeal

Bonus Life Point: Replay Value ❤️

  • 🔎 Exploring the story from new angles
  • ⭐️ Finding hidden rewards and new challenges
  • 💨 Playing in an open world without any boundaries
  • 👥 Playing as a different class/character
  • 🎰 Beating the high score
  • 🎲 Generating randomized worlds with infinite possibilities
  • 🔥 Increasing the difficulty level
  • ⚔️ Competitive multiplayer mode



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