Remote Work 101: Essential Tips for Working From Home

Start Your Day With a Healthy Routine 🏋🏽‍♀️

A healthy work-life balance starts with a consistent morning routine. One that gets you charged and ready for the day.

Get Out of Your PJ’s and Out the Door! 🏃🏻‍♂️

First, get up and get dressed. Be as presentable as you normally would be for a regular in-office workday. Although it may not seem like much, creating your very own dress code helps set a working mindset right from the start.

Take Some Time to Breathe 🧠

Once that’s out of the way, take a moment to stretch. Give that downward-facing dog position a shot or meditate for a spell. 🧘🏻‍♂️

Set Boundaries for Communication 🚨

When you work remotely, most communication is asynchronous. It means your remote coworkers can pester you with emails (and expect a *quick* reply) when you least expect it. Even during lunchtime.

Make Working from Home Work for You! 🛠

Now that your schedule has a start and end, it’s important that you know how to prioritize work and to pace yourself throughout the day. Following your morning routine, take a few minutes to look over your list of tasks and carve up a workload for the day.

Check-In With Yourself 🩺

Measure Progress, See What Works and Improve What Doesn’t 📈

It takes time to create a perfect work-from-home environment. Keep track of what works for you, experiment and adjust accordingly. And remember, the results are not always going to be instant. It may take 1–2 weeks to see changes (or longer if you’re not consistent). ⏳



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