🤖 New Multi-Chats, Agent Web Search Tool, Text Field & More!

3 min readJun 13, 2024


Hi Taskaders!

Exciting updates — our new agent tools are now live for everyone to explore!

Multi-Chat Threads for AI Agents

You can now initiate multiple conversations with your AI agents, each maintaining its own unique context and memory. This allows you to manage various tasks simultaneously without losing track of any details. Learn more…

Web Search Tool for AI Agents

Say hello to smarter information retrieval with our improved Web Search Tool. Just drop a link and watch your agents pull the data you need instantly. Improve your research agents and tasks with real-time data insights. Learn more…

Smart Tools for AI Agents

Our AI Agents are getting collaborative! They can now pass tasks among themselves, boosting your workflow like never before. This is just the beginning of a new era of teamwork for your Multi-Agent AI Team. Learn more…

(We’re adding more tools for agents — let us know if you have any requests!)

HTTP Request Action for Automation

For more advanced workflows, we’ve introduced a new Automation action to send HTTP requests. Taskade AI Automation now supports both custom incoming triggers and outgoing actions. Learn more…

Text Field for Table View

Expand your tables with our new Text Fields designed to store diverse data from names to notes. Now you can customize columns with Number fields, Dropdown Section fields, and Text fields. Learn more…

TL;DR Video Summary of Update

Need a quick catch-up? Check out our latest video summary for a swift overview of all these exciting new features. Watch the video…

Early Access: Plan & Execute with AI Agents

Meet the newest addition to our toolkit — Plan & Execute! Use this mode to let your AI agents handle projects from start to finish. Agents can now meticulously break down your tasks and tackle them step-by-step to ensure a seamless flow in managing even the most complex projects.

Exclusive Early Access: Join the early testers by visiting us on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and Reddit. Reply with “AI Agents” to get your invite!

Other Improvements

  • New: Plan & Execute for AI Agents is Now in Beta!
  • Check out our early access posts on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and Reddit and reply with “AI Agents” to receive an invite!
  • New: Text Fields in Table View! Customize your projects like never before.
  • AI Agent Enhancements:
  • Introducing Multi-Chats: You can now start multiple chats with the same agent, each with its own unique context and memory.
  • Smarter Agent Commands: Enhanced planning and execution capabilities make our AI agents more efficient than ever.
  • Updated Agent Styling: Fresh updates to the visual presentation of our agents ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.
  • AI Automation Enhancements:
  • HubSpot Automation: Integrate HubSpot seamlessly with our new integration tools for better customer relationship management.
  • Dynamic Dropdowns: Now with a manual input option, making your Automation dropdowns more flexible and user-friendly!
  • Automation Fixes: We’ve ironed out the kinks in our automation processes, fixing issues like missing IDs and parameter errors.
  • For new connections and integrations, please let us know here.
  • Media Uploads: Upload files directly into your workspace’s Media tab for quick access and a faster way to interact with your Docs via AI.
  • Multi-Select Toolbar: Improved bulk editing and management capabilities.
  • Custom Field Add-on: Add custom fields across various project views.
  • Gantt Chart: Various enhancements and improvements.
  • File Previews: Improved image and file previews, enhancing visualization.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

We can’t wait for you to try the new features — dive in and let us know what you think!

Remember, our Help Center and Feedback Forum are always here for your questions and suggestions.

Cheers to a transformative and AI-powered year at Taskade! 🚀

— Team Taskade 🐑

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